Italy’s stance and laws on Marijuana

When it comes to the use and possession of Marijuana, Italy has the same stance as many countries in the European Union have, in short, it is illegal. The little progress they have made in this area is that they have decriminalized it for medical use and religious use, but not for recreational use, leaving many people who can’t don’t have certain medical conditions without the daily benefit that they can have with the use of cannabis.

Marijuana lawsWhen it comes down to the specifics of their laws if you possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use, it is a misdemeanor, which is subject to fines and the suspension of documents such as a driver’s license and passport. When it comes down to cultivation and the selling of cannabis products it is illegal and punishable by imprisonment even if you grow it in small amounts for your personal use.  There are small businesses that cultivate it for medical purposes for the state, and they are heavily regulated.

However, in 2016 The Italian parliament started discussions of legalizing recreational marijuana. The bill, if passed, would allow people to carry up to 5 grams of cannabis when outside and keep 15 grams at home. On the topic of cultivation of up to five plants would be allowed.

New laws on Marijuana

Marijuana lawThe bill’s proposer’s main argument was that the legalization of marijuana use would weaken the “mafia” and their income, and would, in fact, provide millions of taxable revenue for the country. But that is not all it would also help the common man when coming into contact with the drug. People would no longer have to be scared of jail if they took marijuana for their personal reasons, which is a big step from the decriminalization of the drug.

However, the bill was met with strong opposition from the church and from the opposing conservative party. The fact that the bill that would bring many positive things to people in need just goes to show how the old stigma surrounding the use of marijuana still dictates many opinions in the world. Let us not forget that alcohol and tobacco are highly addictive, dangerous and still legal in the world.

We sincerely hope that Italy becomes the leader on the legalization of marijuana use as they would become the catalyst for the rest of the European countries and perhaps the world.