Marihuana and its positive effects on creativity

It is a well-known fact that marijuana use has an impact on the brain, but in what scale and what are all the things it effects remains a mystery which will have to be researched in the future. For now, we know that marijuana has many health benefits, but the biggest reason why people enjoy taking this drug is the boost in creativity that it provides while you are high.

Brain and marijuanaThe high status has its adverse sides. Like constantly being hungry where you lust for sweet like chocolate and being sleepy.But once you get high, the feeling of being unshackled with certain thoughts and restrictions kicks in.In short, your mind becomes free!

This is crucial for people who are artists of any kind, and even more so for people that are stressed but need to come up with creative solutions for their problems. The high from the use of marijuana takes away the negative effects of being burdened while thinking, which leads to creative solutions for simple, and complicated problems.

Cannabis makes you more creative

But let us not forget the influence of marijuana on artistic creativity. Artist from all over the world, whether they are songwriters or painters, take inspiration from different things in their lives while they are in the high state from the use of marijuana.

The results are some of the best artistic expressions we have seen in the world. Starting with the music genre which is reggae, the genius plays that came from William Shakespeare, all the way to Carl Sagan who was an American cosmologist, astrophysicist, and astronomer, who wrote many scientific books and papers while he was high.

Many more people that have had their impact on history or even on today’s issues used, or still use marijuana, but they can’t speak out due to the frightening issue of it being illegal and therefore leaving the possibility of them ending up in jail over speaking about it. We sincerely hope that the world will not brush the positive sides of marijuana creativity in the future in favor of fearmongering the masses.