How legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana affected countries on a global scale

As we mentioned before, marijuana was made illegal in the International Opium Convention back in 1925. But since then many countries have changed their laws to help reflect the opinion of their people. In many countries owning a few grams of marijuana for personal use is decriminalized and is considered as an acceptable thing, in others, it’s fine to grow them at home and to sell for medical purposes.

But the biggest issue is that in many countries it remains as one of the worst things you can do, which will land you in jail for a long time. Before marijuana was banned by the Opium Convention in 1925, people from all over the world used it for its various benefits and situations. Some used it in medicine to treat their patients, while others used it as a medium for their religious gatherings and or communication with the god/higher power.

Legalization of marijuana brings the revolution

Cannabis lawAnd since then the world has come around to accepting that marijuana is not as bad as it was thought to be, but still, faces strict opposition from many lobbying politicians as it falls into the uncharted territory. The church also has a tough stand against the use of marijuana as they oppose any use of drugs and opioids.

Today the drug is becoming decriminalized and mostly legal in many countries, states, and in the future, we can expect that the cultural opinion on the drug that is called marijuana will change into a completely acceptable product for the masses.

In fact, many states in the USA legalized its medicinal use, and those countries have shown big drops in criminal activity on the streets. If the world can start accepting marijuana as it is, a plant with various benefits, and would stop demonizing it, we could be looking at a new age where we can expect that marijuana will become legal in all parts of the world.